Create and manage your biotech
discoveries with NSilico.


Create scientific
papers and patents easily.


Easily use and integrate top
bioinformatics tools for genomic
analysis and many other applications.

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1. Solution in Pharma Bio – Bioinformatics

Lead technical architect and project manager on BioMapper the development of one of the leading bioinformatics software solutions. BioMapper allows researchers to easily create and manage biotech discoveries in the genomic research projects.

“BioMapper has a cut down time to research on our projects by up to 80%. Dr Walsh has had a major impact on our operation.”
Dr. Roy Sleator.

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2. Solutions in Pharmabio – Calibration and Maintenance

Systems Design and Architecture for both web and mobile development for Endress and Hauser, www.endress.com:

“Dr Paul Walsh has had a major impact on the efficiency of our field service operations.”
John Salsbury, Director, Endress and Hauser.

3. Machine Learning for Intelligent Monitoring

Principal scientific investigator and project manager to created an advanced machine learning system to track fire fighters.

The system was short list for an innovation award at IT@Cork and is currently in use with the Irish Naval Service.

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Case studies

Our Nsilico software is in use in the University of Chicago where researchers are helping guide the future of biotech research.

Training academy

We are thought leaders in the use of software to manage “big data” in the life sciences and biotech sector

Partners in business

Our mission of to grow our technology offering internationally. Our scalable systems provide opportunities for reselling and extending your IP portfolio.

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